"Prepare To Excel"

A Workshop For Sales Leaders

  • Trends & Challenges

    Trends & Challenges

    We'll take you through the challenges we see in our work with sales teams

  • The 80-20 Principle

    The 80-20 Principle

    Much has been written on this principle. We'll get into details on how you can use it.

  • Situational Intelligence

    Situational Intelligence

    The coming trend in sales training. The military uses it - and you should, too

  • The Buyer 'Persona'

    The Buyer 'Persona'

    Why most of your people have no idea who they're REALLY selling to. And how to fix that.

  • Proper Leadership Mindsets

    Proper Leadership Mindsets

    Leading is a mental game first. It's why you must possess skills to improve your own mentality.

  • Program Bonus

    Program Bonus

    You'll receive several bonuses at the event: Same Game New Rules, and "One Idea: Killer Suggestions for Sales Leaders"

Your Presenter

Bill works with contractors, engineering firms, global apparel manufacturers, accounting firms, medical device companies and many more. He is author of Same Game New Rules and co-host of The Advanced Selling Podcast, a nationally recognized podcast for sales people and leaders.
Bill Caskey
Bill Caskey
President, Sales Trainer/Leadership Coach

What People Are Saying

“The Caskey content has meant tens of millions of dollars for our company in the last 7 years. There is no question that “positioning” has been our secret to success.”

– Dave Gelpke, VP Sales, Grand Rapids, MI

“As a leader of sales people, I know how important it is to keep them learning and expanding. I’ve subscribed to Caskey’s philosophy for over 10 years and the content has been a great instrument to change our positioning in front of prospects and clients.”

– Mark Hahn, Territory Manager, NJ

“The Caskey principles have been instrumental in my growth as a producer. One thing though-you must make sure that the CEO and other executives are part of the planning. They must know the strategy for it to work.”

– Simon Connell, London, UK

"In a world where human understanding doubles every ten years, our security rests only on our ability to learn."

– Nathaniel Braden